The Worldwide SECRET IRISH EMPIRE that’s Hiding In Plain Sight 👀

Irish Diaspora and its Secret Power

In this short documentary, I explore the foundations of the Irish Diaspora and its secret power! As Irish people, we tend to shy away from the true origins of our culture and heritage because the focus has been forced upon us by the Roman, British and American Empires.


Contents of this video:

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – What is the Irish Diaspora?
01:00 – Irish Emigration has been going on for Millennia
03:22 – How the British Empire forced pathways for Irish Emigration
05:45 – Great Britain becomes the number one place for Irish Emigration
06:40 – All the Mixed Irish Ethnicities
07:27 – Famous people who are descendants of the Irish
08:07 – Irish Racism, Prejudice & Stereotypes
08:57 – Time to tell the Real Irish Story

Credit to : Bertie Brosnan

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