A Day at the Forge – Ireland 1080’s

A Day at the Forge

96 minutes – actual typical work of a 1940s blacksmith, filimed in the 1980s at the end of his career, featuring a wide range of repairs, fabrications, and also the social life revolving ’round the forge’ with songs, music,recitations and stories..
Beautifully filimed in County Galway, this is an authentic record of the varied daily life of one of the last blacksmiths in Ireland. It features work on the cartwheel, sheepcrook, and other implements in common use in the past, repair of household items, horseshoeing, and a wonderful parade of horse-drawn machines for hay mowing and turning, crop spraying, and so on.

Authentic Irish Culture and Irish Travel Documentary.

Ireland Travel and Ireland Culture.
Credit to : John Malachy Raftery

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