A Portal is open for Everyone who is eligible for a COVID-19 Booster Vaccine this Winter

Eeligible for a COVID-19 booster vaccine this winter

A portal is open for everyone who is eligible for a COVID-19 booster vaccine this winter.

That includes people aged 50 to 64, pregnant women and healthcare workers.

HSE National Lead for the Test, Trace and Vaccination Programme Eileen Whelan told Pat Kenny the new vaccines have been approved for use.

“The European Medicine [sic] Agency approved new, adapted vaccines this September, and the National Immunisation Office approved those adapted vaccines for use in Ireland starting this week on the 3rd of October.

“The international evidence is indicating that these new adapted vaccines are used as a booster, and they provide a broader range of protection for people who have had their primary vaccination – and provide a strengthening protection for strains of the new virus,” she said.

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