Are Computers The Next Big Thing? Ireland 1983

Are Computers The Next Big Thing? Ireland 1983

Every home in Ireland will have a computer in the next five years a demonstrator tells the Late Late Toy Show.

The Late Late Toy Show has all the latest toys and technology and this year according to Gay Byrne, all the kids are bananas for computers.

Nine-year-old Oric whizz kid Mark Feldman from Rathfarnham who has been playing computer games since the age of six. Mark has plans to learn how to programme.

Thirteen-year-old Johnson McEvoy uses computers for programming and games and to create graphics. Johnson has his own Oric computer and can find his way around the keyboard pretty well.

Computers are the big thing this year.

Maurice Cohen of computer sales company ‘Tomorrow’s World’ says,

We’re going the greatest social, cultural and technological revolution that mankind has ever gone through.

Maurice Cohen believes that it is important not to be left behind by technology. He believes that within five years, every single home in Ireland will probably have a home computer, which can be used for games like Space Invaders, business applications such as word processing and financial modelling, and for educational purposes.

There are already around a thousand Commodore 64 computers in Irish schools. Maurice Cohen demonstrates an application that helps people to learn how to use a keyboard and type. In the game, a letter or a number comes floating down the screen and the player simply has to find the key on the keyboard. As the player progresses through the game and becomes more familiar with the keyboard, the letters and numbers appear faster and faster.

This episode of The Late Late Toy Show was broadcast on 10 December 1983. The host is Gay Byrne.
Credit to : CR’s Video Vaults

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