Bring back Ireland’s Old Railways

Ireland’s Railways

The destruction of Ireland’s railways in the 1950s was not the result of market forces, but a deliberate government policy of sabotaging the railways in the belief that roads were the way of the future. Now that roads are jammed with excessive traffic, it has become clear that the private car does not scale up to mass usage in the same way that trains do. Every extra passenger on a train makes no difference to the speed of your commute, but every extra car on the road slows you down, an effect that increases exponentially with traffic volume.

The closure of the majority of the railway network was a mistake, but it is not too late to rectify it. Most of the old routes remain untouched, as my other videos on this channel demonstrate. What can you do to fix it?
1 – Join your local railway lobbying group.
2 – If such a group does not exist, get one started. Reach out to like-minded individuals in your area and start having meetings. Contact existing lobbying groups like Into the West and the Portadown-Armagh Railway Society to find out how they operate.
3 – Write to the relevant politicians and let them know that there is support for such an initiative. If enough people contact them, they will listen. Write to your local councilors, your MP/TD, your MLA, and your MEP. Write to the transport minister.
Credit to :Eamonn

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