Canada Bans Foreign Buyers – Should Ireland do the Same – Housing Crisis

As the housing crisis worsens all over the world, this week Justin Trudeau announced over Twitter that Canada is going to ban foreign ownership in Canada for the next two years, and tax the existing vacant foreign-owned properties.
Ireland housing crisis is not improving and prices are increasing further some are asking why the Irish government can not do the same thing and ban foreign buyers in Ireland.
For those new to the channel, I am shane fleming I have over 17 years of experience in real estate both residential and commercial.
The housing crisis in Ireland will not be solved by a simple ban on one buyer. More homes need to be built and our planning system needs to change.
Should Ireland tax vacant properties. It is a question that comes up a lot. In this video, I only discuss large apartment blocks.
How to solve the housing crisis, there is no one easy answer, but the root cause is the Irish planning system. So the only way to fix the housing supply and price issue long term is to review the planning system.
Credit to : Fleming Real Estate – Property Agents