Chernobyl 35th Anniversary: Ireland responded ‘like no other Country in the World’ – Adi Roche

Chernobyl 35th Anniversary:

Adi Roche has praised Irish people for responding ‘like no other’ to the Chernobyl nuclear accident.
Monday marks the 35th anniversary of the disaster, with tributes being led by President Michael D Higgins.
He said: “The images of the emergency services fighting the fires emanating from the destroyed reactor, and of the casualties who suffered such catastrophic injuries, remain with us all, as a powerful reminder of the perils that can be associated with scientific endeavours and the ever present possibility of human error.
“That day in Chernobyl cast a dark shadow which will follow us through human history.
“The repercussions of this tragedy – the worst nuclear disaster in history, both in terms of both human casualties and wider impact – continue to echo across people’s lives even now, 35 years later, and including so many who were not even born in 1986.
“The tragedy of Chernobyl prompted, too, a remarkable spirit of human solidarity, across the world, including here in Ireland.
“We became one of the first countries to respond to the humanitarian crisis by providing support for, and meeting the needs of, thousands of Chernobyl’s victims.
“Ours has been and remains a moving connection created by the many Irish families who have opened their doors to children from Chernobyl-affected and disadvantaged areas of Belarus,” he added.
Ms Roche, the founder of Chernobyl Children International, told Lunchtime Live that Ireland is forever linked with Chernobyl.
“In a sense really, this was an invisible war that was declared on these people 35 years ago – against which there was no standing army, against which there was no antidote, no safe haven, no weapon, no way to save your people because it’s indiscriminate in how it damages.
“And here we are, 35 years later, seeing the third generation of those that have been impacted for people who are sleeping, eating and breathing in the world’s most toxic environment”.
Credit to : Newstalk

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