‘Chilling’ Arson Attack on Longford Refugee Centre could have sparked ‘Major Fire’

‘Chilling’ arson attack on Longford refugee Centre

A suspected arson attack on a Longford building earmarked for asylum seekers could have developed into a major incident in the town, a local councillor has warned.

The fires at two entrances to a former Convent building in Lanesborough were swiftly brought under control by emergency services on Tuesday night.

There was little or no damage to the building; however, it is understood the owner of the property has now pulled out of an agreement to redevelop the building for Ukrainian refugees due to fears for his family’s safety.

On Newstalk Breakfast this morning, local independent councillor Mark Casey said it is chilling to see someone intimidated out of their plans for their property.

“If someone was opening up a new shop and the shopkeeper beside him didn’t want it, like, does he burn him out?” he asked.

“That is not the way to do business.
Credit to : Newstalk

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