Clongriffin’s Growing Pains, A Warning for Our Community

By R McAney 14/04/2024

Clongriffin, North County Dublin – a place where modernity meets the historic charm of Ireland. But beneath the glossy façade lies a tale of infrastructure woes, housing disparities, and a ticking time bomb that threatens our community’s well-being.The Housing Squeeze

Imagine a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces. That’s Clongriffin’s housing situation. The upcoming planning stage promises 1823 new dwellings, but here’s the catch: no social housing. Families, young professionals, and seniors alike face an uphill battle to find affordable homes. The numbers don’t lie – an estimated 8000 more people will call Clongriffin home within the next two years.

Who Owns Clongriffin?

Picture this, hedge funds gobbling up apartments like Pac-Man munching dots. These faceless entities own a significant chunk of Clongriffin’s existing apartments. For them, it’s all about profit margins, not community welfare. Meanwhile, ordinary folks struggle to make ends meet.

The Unattainable Dream

Let’s talk mortgages. A couple yearning for a cozy two-bedroom apartment faces a financial Everest. To even consider a mortgage, they’d need to rake in a staggering €780,000 annually. That’s more than most of us can fathom. The dream of homeownership slips through their fingers like sand.

What Can We Do?

  1. Raise Our Voices, Let’s rally together – young and old – demanding social housing. It’s not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Our community deserves affordable homes.
  2. Transparency Matters, We need clarity on who owns what. Let’s peel back the layers and expose the puppeteers pulling the strings.
  3. Creative Solutions, Clongriffin can’t afford cookie-cutter solutions. Let’s brainstorm alternatives – co-housing, community land trusts, and innovative financing models.

A Call to Action

Dear Parent  Grand Parent, 20’s year olds this is your future, your children future, and the future your community. Imagine a Clongriffin where everyone has a roof over their heads, where hedge funds don’t dictate our destiny. It’s time to wield your voice, pen, or smartphone. Let’s rewrite Clongriffin’s story – one where affordability, community, and hope prevail.

Remember, this isn’t just ink on paper. It’s the heartbeat of our neighborhood. 🏘️💚

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