Connemara Fights Back. Seamus Walsh FF Cllr, Noel Thomas FF Cllr & Michael Leainde

Livestream 3PM – Connemara fights back. Seamus Walsh FF Cllr, Noel Thomas FF Cllr & Michael Leainde

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Background to Interview.

I am joined today by three candidates who have announced they’re running for Independent Ireland. Two were elected as Fianna Fail councillors in the last election of 2019. Both have jumped off the FF ship for Independent Ireland. All three are seeking election in the upcoming local elections in Connemara.

This afternoon I’m going to be chatting with them about why they decided to join the new Michael Fitzmaurice & Michael Collins fronted Independent Ireland and ask a few questions on their proposals for the road ahead..

Noel Thomas is a man I have interviewed twice on the Scholar Gypsies. Indeed, the first interview was about nine months ago when he was, to my knowledge, one of the first elected representatives to speak against the massive waves of immigration flooding Galway and Ireland.
Credit to : The Scholar Gypsies

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