Cork Fisherman who faced down Russian Navy to run for European Elections

Cork fisherman who faced down Russian Navy to run for European elections

The Cork fisherman who spearheaded negotiations with Russian warships planning military exercise in Irish waters is running in the European elections for Aontú.

Chief executive of The Irish South and West Fish Producers Organisation Patrick Murphy is contesting the Ireland South constituency.

Speaking at an Aontú campaign launch, Mr Murphy said a forthcoming movie on the diplomatic incident in 2022 will detail the role he played in the dispute with the Russian navy.

“We were informed there was going to be a no fly zone over our country and we were concerned this was going to be serious,” Mr Murphy said.

“This was different to every other military exercise that was being carried out in our waters so when we started looking into it this, we found there was going to be missiles fired up into our skies. What goes up must come down,” he added.

Mr Murphy said he sent information to Russian Ambassador to Ireland Yury Filatov and his group were invited to Dublin to speak at the embassy.

“We actually did negotiate with the Russians to leave our waters . It wasn’t by accident and that will be forthcoming in the new movie that will be made later on,” he said.

He also revealed Colin Farrell may play him in a feature film on the incident.

“There is €800,000 of a budget to get it up and running and I think there will be a €20m budget.”
Asked who he would like to play him, Mr Murphy said: “I was told Colin Farrell but I’ll leave that to the people in it. The contract is signed so I won’t say any more on that.”

Aontú leader Peadar Tóibín said Mr Murphy’s proactive approach to the clash with the Russians off the coast of Ireland shows the difference between the Government and his party.

“Patrick went in and negotiated with the Russian ambassador. Simon Coveney, meanwhile, sent a letter to the Russia ambassador. The letter was held on file in a filing cabinet which shows the difference of actions between ourselves and the Government,” said Mr Tóibín.
Credit to : Irish Independent

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