Covid Surge Capacity?

Are we accessing extra ICU beds though the Government’s ‘surge capacity’ deal with private hospitals yet? Kieran Cuddihy would like to know.
A further 4,570 COVID cases have been reported this evening.
This morning, there were 622 COVID-19 patients in Irish hospitals – a 25% increase on this day last week.
There were 117 in intensive care – a 50% increase on last week.
The five-day moving average has increased to 4,436.
The Taoiseach has said he supports making antigen tests “more affordable”, amid growing public concerns over the cost and availability of the rapid tests.
NPHET and health officials have started recommending the wider use of antigen tests across society.
In his letter to Government last week, Dr Tony Holohan said people who regularly engage in “higher risk activities” should consider self-testing at least twice weekly.
Those activities include going to bars, restaurants, nightclubs, the cinema, multi-household visits, playing indoor contact sports, and car-sharing with people from other households
It’s among the recommendations now set to be considered by ministers when they meet this evening and tomorrow to review the current COVID situation.
There have already been reports of the rapid tests being more difficult to find in shops as people start self-testing more regularly.
Credit to : Newstalk