Crypto vs Dollar. Will the Dollar Crash – Will it Impact Property

Will bitcoin be the future of the global currency?

Will bitcoin be the future of the global currency?
The dollar is going to crash right.
China is taking over yea?
Why should we even care about the dollar,
Well if the dollar was to crash it would cause a devaluation in a lot of stock, commodities and real estate around the world. Because right now everything is really underpinned by the dollar. And a crash in the dollar would lead to huge uncertainty and property values would fall.
Russia, war, nato, global warming, extreme weather, left-right, woke, racism, socialism, capitalism, china, USA, dollar crypto, covid, fake news, border control, incerations, metaverse, republican, demarcate, no matter where you look you see the divide and an uncertain future.
With this uncertainty, is the Dollar really under treat as the world reserve currency. Is the Chinese Yuan the dollar’s biggest risk? I am going to explore that question and a lot more including some predictions around crypto.
My name is Shane Fleming a chartered property expert with over 18 years of experience in real estate, degree in property economics. The views in these videos are my own and are just entertainment.

Credit to : Fleming Real Estate – Shane Fleming

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