Dermot ‘German’ Morgan on how Ireland Can Be Better Europeans, 1989

How Ireland Can Be Better Europeans

A German living in Ireland and comic creation of Dermot Morgan offers advice on how Irish people could benefit from being more Germanic.

From the ‘Kenny Live’ audience, Dermot Morgan posing as a German interrupts Pat Kenny’s interview with singer Ronnie Drew. Firstly he commends Ronnie for representing Ireland in Germany, saying the Germans love the Irish.

We Germans are always interested in other people’s countries.

Herr Morgan believes Ireland has a lot to gain from greater European integration and becoming part of the European Union. He warns that The Irish People in the new Europe will need to work on a few of their weaker points.

As a stereotypical German, Morgan’s character loves rules, organisation and structure and he cannot abide poor timekeeping. He has noticed;

“You have a very high mortality rate on the Monday morning, because you know my workers are coming into me and they’re saying ‘oh I’m dying, Jaysus I’m dying’.”

He is very critical of Irish transportation and infrastructure,

I know that Herr Drew has a song about the Autobahn here in Ireland ze ‘Rocky Road to Dublin’.

Ultimately he believes Irish people need more discipline in their lives,

You should bring back those guys the Christian Brothers, they had discipline and they had the black uniform, I really liked those guys, I could understand those people.

This episode of ‘Kenny Live’ was broadcast on 14 January 1989. The presenter is Pat Kenny.
Credit to : CR’s Video Vaults

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