Dermot Morgan as ‘Tony The Chippy Carpenter’ Ireland 1989

Dermot Morgan as ‘Tony The Chippy Carpenter’ Ireland 1989

Tony the chippy, a comic creation of Dermot Morgan is in a hurry to take down the ‘Kenny Live’ set and offer opinions on carpentry, soccer and Italy.

Appearing from backstage, Dermot Morgan posing as a carpenter called Tony, interrupts Pat Kenny’s interview with ideas expert Claus Moller and broadcaster Bunny Carr because he wants to start taking down the set. When Pat objects, Tony responds,

Gay is much easier to work with.

Tony is still on a high from the Republic of Ireland’s win over Spain in the World Cup Qualifier at Lansdowne Road. He is convinced Jack’s Army will be off to the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

He is very well versed with Italy having previously carried out some work in the Vatican for Pope John Paul II.

I was doing a job on the old Cistern Ceiling you know, for him.

Tony is highly amused that the Pope’s real name is Karol Wojtyla.

I was slagging him about that cos that’s a girls name.

Tony got into an argument with the Pope when the pontiff, citing papal infallibility, refused to allow the removal of an architrave and cornice work from the Sistine Chapel. However Tony was undeterred, retorting,

You may be infallible your holiness, but I am in the union.

Tony dispels the notion that Italians are geniuses by revealing the true story behind the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and how it got its name.

This episode of ‘Kenny Live’ was broadcast on 29 April 1989. The presenter is Pat Kenny.
Credit to : CR’s Video Vaults

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