Downside to Remote Working in Ireland?

Companies and Remote Working

It is essential that companies ensure remote working doesn’t leave employees ‘out of sight and out of mind’, according to an employment expert.
It comes after a new study from Microsoft Ireland found that more than a third of Ireland’s remote workers feel lonelier and complain that the team culture in their job has deteriorated.
Around 31,000 technology and healthcare workers all over the world were surveyed for this year’s Microsoft Work Trend index – including 600 in Ireland.
It found that one-third of Ireland’s hybrid workers struggle to disconnect when working from home – while one-quarter feel demotivated or uninspired.

A total of 44% said they now find it harder to build trust with colleagues while more than a third believe the team culture in their workplace was deteriorating.
Meanwhile, 36% said they now feel lonelier in their jobs.
On Newstalk Breakfast this morning, human resources expert Caroline Reidy said it is now clear that hybrid working is the future – and companies need to start optimising the opportunities on offer.

“It’s here to stay but I think we haven’t probably tackled it in many workplaces to make sure we are optimising it,” she said.
“We’re not doing things like collaboration; we’re not doing enough social interaction, we’re not, maybe, changing the communication styles we use,” she said.
“As a result of that, you have a lot of people who might be, for example, new in their role or somebody who was recruited during COVID and has never met their work colleagues or somebody who just misses social interaction and we now need to start sifting through what is the best way to start maximising the opportunity of remote opportunity.
“The first step in that is getting feedback like this survey has done and find out what is working well and what we need to improve.”
Remote work
She said some companies are doing better than other – with the survey finding that some workers find themselves more included when they work from home, with more invitations to online meetings and opportunities to be heard.
Credit to : Newstalk

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