Dublin to Wexford by Steam Train, Ireland 1976

Steam Train journey from Dublin to Wexford

An excursion back in time with a train trip organised by the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland.

Among the passengers enjoying a steam train journey from Dublin to Wexford is group who have travelled from Northern Ireland especially for the trip.

One passenger comments on her reasons for taking the journey

I think itโ€™s mainly nostalgia… reliving a time when they were in use… You can hear it there whistling away and thereโ€™s a beat off it. Itโ€™s got more character than the modern trains.

CIE catering inspector Pat Kinsella and chef John Culleton on board the steam train number 186 talk about the old days with all the โ€œsmutsโ€ on the plates.

A steward on board believes,

“Smuts or no smuts itโ€™s always nice to travel on a steam train.”

A โ€˜Newsroundโ€™ report broadcast on 18 April 1976. The reporter is Peter McNiff.
Credit to : CR’s Video Vaults

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