Enoch Burke has been in Prison for nearly 100 Days, AGAIN!

Enoch Burke has been in prison for nearly 100 days, AGAIN!

Enoch Burke has been incarcerated in Mountjoy prison, Dublin, since the 8th of September 2023, ostensibly for breaching an injunction instructing him to stay away from his former workplace, @WilsonsHospital in Westmeath, a Church of Ireland Diocesan institution.

The matter relates to Burke’s religious and moral objection pertaining to addressing a male student by their preferred pronouns, she/her, thereby affirming their alleged gender dysphoria.

Having also spent over 100 days in prison in 2022, #EnochBurke has been locked up for nearly 200 days in total. Many regard Burke as a prisoner of conscience, who demonstrates integrity and a determinedness rarely seen in these times, and regardless of whether everyone agrees with his stance or not, it is difficult to deny his tenacity.

He is also by all accounts a very proficient and dedicated teacher and very popular amongst his students, with many showing their support for him throughout this debacle.

It looks as though this man of God will spend the christian holiday of Christmas in prison, showing he is not backing down. Meanwhile many convicted pedophiles and other serious criminals have walked free from court this year, escaping repercussions for their actions.

In this David and Goliath saga it appears that the state will eventually lose. They cannot keep Burke locked up for eternity, and it appears Burke will never purge his contempt regardless.

On Friday the 8th of December, on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, many gathered outside the prison to stand in solidarity an show their support.
Here’s a short video of the event.
Credit to : The Irish Inquiry

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