EU Migration Pact: A Threat to Ireland’s Future? – Kevin Sharkey

EU Migration Pact: A Threat to Ireland’s Future?

Eddie Hobbs interviewed Kevin Sharkey, founder of the A New Ireland political party, on June 25th at Buswells Hotel. During the interview, the Dáil debated Ireland’s opt-in to the EU Migration & Asylum Pact—a decision permanently impacting Irish homogeneity.
Kevin Sharkey has the rare combination of a melodious speaking voice, an extremely sharp mind, and the observation skills of a top artist. Here he applies those skills to Irish politics and how Ireland is not being operated for the benefit of the Irish people.
Kevin is establishing a new political party, A New Ireland, on the 4th of July, telling his story as only Kevin Sharkey can do in this interview—clearly, crisply, and compellingly.
Credit to : Eddie Hobbs

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