Executives ‘Unlikely’ to Waive Confidentiality on RTÉ exit Packages

RTÉ Exit Packages

The head of RTÉ has said ‘eight or nine’ people are unlikely to waive confidentiality on exit packages from the broadcaster.

RTÉ has written to former members of its senior management, asking them to waive their right to confidentiality over their exit packages.

The broadcaster has published legal advice in relation to the recent departures of senior executives at the organisation.

The updated legal advice states that “some employees left following negotiated discussions documented by way of settlement agreements” and that “any employee who departed RTÉ on foot of a directly negotiated settlement did so on the basis that the terms of such an agreement would remain confidential”.

RTÉ Director-General Kevin Bakhurst told The Hard Shoulder the legal advice makes one thing clear.

“We’re in a position where unfortunately, in many ways, we can’t get the details of individual packages going back to 2016,” he said.

“We got legal advice in October, which made the same point, but I asked for renewed legal advice.

“They came back and said, ‘You absolutely can’t’ – many of these people left under settlement agreement, so they left RTÉ for a number of reasons.

“It went through legal process or in some cases mediation and there’s a basic confidentially for every employee.

“But then obviously when people have gone through legal processes or through mediation, it’s common practice in semi-States [companies] or in commercial organisations for there to be a confidentiality agreement as part of that.

“So, there’s a kind of a double reason why we’re unable to give details of individuals”.
Credit to : Newstalk

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