Famine-Era Eviction image Accused of Being “Politically Motivated” Against Gardaí

Strong reaction to Eoin Ó Broin retweeting Adam’s Artwork

Claire Brock is joined by Visual Artist Adam Doyle AKA ‘Spice Bag’ & Ireland Editor Fionnan Sheahan to discuss the strong reaction to Eoin Ó Broin retweeting Adam’s artwork.

Claire asks Adam his reaction to comments made by the AGSI’s Antoinette Cunningham saying his artwork was “insultingly wrong.”

Adam tells her he “understands Antoinette’s reaction, but that:

“[If] you get upset about the fact that the Gardaí are in it – that might not be the correct emotional response to a bunch of people getting thrown out of their home.”

Fionnan Sheahan accuses Adam’s artwork of being “politically motivated.”

Adam tells him that his art is “political satire” and that he is entitled to his own opinions.

“If you don’t like them [his artwork], that’s your problem.”

00:00 | “Instultingly Wrong” Image
01:23 | Not Having A Go At Gardaí?
03:14 | “Politically Motivated” Art

Credit to : Virgin Media Television

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