Farming In Ireland in the 1950s – Growing Oats – Farming Down the Years Part One

Farming in the 1950s

In this video a field of Corn (Oats)is grown and harvested as it would have through the middle of the last century. Re-enacting the farm year of 1955, we show each stage of growing Corn as it would have been farmed during these years. From ploughing with horses though to ploughing with a 1939 Fordson Tractor, onto the preparation of the ground using a harrow, a brake, disc, rollers, all to prepare the ground for the sowing the seed which is done with a corn fiddle.
Once the oats have grown we show them first being cut with scythes and we then show them being harvested with a reaper and a binder. After the corn had been cut the sheaves were built into huts and then into a stack ready to be threshed.
Credit to : Videos of Irish Farming Life

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