Free Movie Time: Superb Watch and explains EVERYTHING on Climate!

Free Movie Time: Superb watch and explains EVERYTHING on Climate!

You will NEVER be confused about the Climate Crisis again – everything answered in this superb new movie Support the makers: @climatethemovie on X, and movie FAQ here: DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE HERE – to upload yourself EVERYWHERE:
0:00: 🌍 Revealing the truth behind the climate industry and its financial motivations.
6:33: 🌍 Renowned scientist challenges climate alarm with historical climate evidence.
13:39: 🌡️ Climate history shows gentle temperature rise since Little Ice Age, with no alarming trends observed.
18:59: 🌡️ Temperature measurements from various sources show minimal warming trends, diverging from urban-influenced records.
25:01: 🌍 Importance of higher CO2 levels in the past for Earth’s survival and biodiversity.
31:16: 🌥️ Clouds, not CO2, are the key factor in controlling Earth’s climate according to the speaker.
37:46: 🌡️ Analysis of US temperature records highlights higher heat waves in the 1930s compared to today.
43:56: 🌍 Climate change funding creates a community of researchers publishing numerous studies on various topics related to climate change.
50:46: ⚠️ Dependency on climate crisis for jobs and funding in the climate finance industry.
55:59: 💡 Government intervention in climate issues blamed on environmental movement and free market opposition.
1:02:32: ⚠️ Assault on scientific inquiry by climate consensus, leading to censorship and intolerance.
1:09:06: 🌍 Critique of affluent environmentalists’ disdain for mass consumption and class hypocrisy.
1:15:26: 💸 Rising skepticism towards climate agenda due to potential financial burdens on the masses.
Credit to : Ivor Cummins

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