Galway People have their say on Government’s Plans to Slaughter 200,000 Cows to help Climate Change

Irish Government’s plans to slaughter 200,000 Cows

Galway people have their say on the Irish Government’s plans to slaughter 200,000 cows at a cost of €600 million… under the guise of a #ClimateEmergency.

Many #Galway people were unaware of the following VITAL info…under the EU #MercosurDeal the Irish Government is supporting a trade deal with South American countries that will see that beef is imported to Ireland.

The carbon footprint of this beef is 400% greater than that of Irish beef and results in the destruction of rainforests at a rate of 1 acre per minute, which is obviously the opposite of good for the environment.

So why are they really culling our cattle, when killing 200,000 Irish cows would make absolutely zero impact on world carbon emissions anyway?

Also, why does the Irish government enter so many trade deals with China, the biggest polluter on the planet?

And why would the Irish government waste all that food and won’t the rotting bodies produce…carbon?

Why are they ensuring the price of beef will be raised for the consumer?

Why are they determined to put our farmers out of business by any means possible?

What’s really going on?
Credit to : Irish Inquiry

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