Gary Murphy Hits Back at Fine Gael TD Over Claims Leo Varadkar is Able to “Connect with People”

The government’s Planned Rotation

Ciara Doherty is joined by Kieran O’Donnell TD and DCU Professor of Politics Gary Murphy to discuss the government’s planned rotation.

Leo Varadkar is set to take over as Taoiseach from Micheál Martin in December.

Ciara asks Kieran O’Donnell TD if we will see any difference in the coalition with a Fine Gael Taoiseach at the helm.

Fine Gael TD Kieran O’Donnell believes that Leo Varadkar will bring his own style, but that “ultimately the government will continue as is.”

When asked about Varadkar’s brand, Kieran O’Donnell states that Leo Varadkar is able to connect with people.

Professor of Politics Gary Murphy tells Kieran O’Donnell that “the polls don’t suggest that Leo Varadkar is connecting with the public!”

Ciara asks Kieran O’Donnell if he believes Fine Gael’s popularity is stagnating.

He believes the political landscape “is now very diverse.”

“The poor ratings are reasonable in the circumstances.”
Credit to : Virgin TV

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