Harsh Enough Sanctions on Russia?

Sanctions Imposed on Russia

Do the sanctions that have been imposed on Russia after their invasion of Ukraine go far enough? Shane Coleman and Sinead Ryan discuss on Newstalk Breakfast.
Ukraine’s president has warned that the latest sanctions on Moscow are “not enough” to curb Russia’s ongoing invasion of his country.
The European Council last night agreed on further sanctions it said would have “massive and severe consequences on Russia”.
Several explosions have been reported above Kyiv this morning – with a Ukrainian official saying the capital city has been hit by ‘horrific rocket strikes.’
The foreign minister said Kyiv hasn’t come under such heavy attack since the shelling of the city by Nazi Germany in 1941.
Residents have been taking shelter in underground train stations, or taking to the roads to flee the fighting. There has also been heavy fighting near the eastern city of Kharkiv.
Credit to : Newstalk