Has Politics become too Toxic? Fine Gael TD not contesting next Election over ‘Toxicity in Politics’

Has politics become too toxic? Fine Gael TD not contesting next election over ‘toxicity in politics’

Ciarán Cannon, Fine Gael TD for Galway East, has announced his intention to not stand in the next general election, citing a ‘coarseness’ and ‘toxicity’ that has entered politics.

“After 20 years in any role, I think you begin to reach a point where you’ve given all you can give. I have a deep respect for the people who elected me again and again, and I’m either all in on their behalf, or I’m not.

“I sought election to make an impact, to do something of genuine value for society. That’s the inspiration for the vast majority of us in public life, and I’m confident that I can continue to have an impact in another role, with renewed purpose and passion. I’ve spent the last few weeks reflecting on my future. I spoke with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar just after Christmas and on a number of occasions since. He has been very supportive in allowing me the time and space to make this decision.

“It would be remiss of me not to comment on the difference between being a politician now and twenty years ago. That’s also been a factor in my decision to leave. There’s a coarseness, a toxicity in politics now that was barely palpable twenty years ago. None of us asks to be put on a pedestal, or to be treated any differently. We just ask to be treated with the same civility and respect as anyone else doing their job.

“Yes, politicians are subject to public scrutiny, and rightly so, but what we are experiencing right now goes far beyond that and can be deeply damaging to our wellbeing. At times it feels like it’s open season on you and your family. That’s not acceptable, nor indeed sustainable, if we want to have good people choosing politics as a career.”

Credit to : Newstalk

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