Hidden Village Of Galboly & Game Of Thrones Film Location. Carnlough Co. Antrim Northern Ireland

Hidden Village Of Gal

Hidden Village Of Galboly & Game Of Thrones Film location. Carnlough Co. Antrim Northern Ireland. According to the population censuses in 1841 for Galboly there were nearly sixty inhabitants but this reduced to only six by 1951. People lived in Galboly until the 1950s, although the 1951 census recorded a population of just six. The last remaining inhabitant, a monk, lived in one of the cottages until he died at the age of 73 in 2013. Originally, the village consisted of ten houses, but most of them are now ruins. Galboly was used in Game of Thrones seasons 5 and 6 as Runestone in the Vale of Arryn. Hi everyone if you would like to help the channel out even more you can donate to the channel in the youtube Banner link or in the about section link . thanks to everyone your support has been amazing its very much appreciated take care.

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