How Ireland surprised this Englishman

How Ireland surprised this Englishman

How Ireland is different to the UK part 1. From the perspective of a blow-in.

This video is a little different to my usual hiking videos. These hiking videos are on hold temporarily due to my severely damaged knee.

I thought it would be a good idea to give the people of my home nation of the UK an idea of how Ireland differs. Many British people think that Ireland is Britain with a funny accent but Ireland is a totally different country. That isn’t to say that there’s not still evidence of the historical British influence but the Irish culture and way of life is unique and I have come to love it.

For any Irish people watching this – I hope that you realise that I am not criticising anything of the Irish way of life. I have never been happier than since I moved here from the hell hole that Britain has become post Brexit.

A little error crept in. My car tax is €270 not £270 (old habits die hard).
Credit to : Old Hiking Geezer

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