Huge Change Of Attitude From Some Councillors At Today’s Meeting On Mass Immigration

Huge Change Of Attitude From Some Councillors

HUGE CHANGE OF ATTITUDE FROM SOME COUNCILLORS AT TODAYS MEETING ON MASS IMMIGRATION…and what does Tom Gilligan find so funny? (Director of Services & Head of Housing , at Mayo County Council).

And here’s the motion that was passed at today’s Mayo County Council meeting…

That Mayo County Council requests the Irish Government to revoke the European Union (Planning and Development) (Displaced Persons from Ukraine Temporary Protection) Regulations 2022

*That Mayo County Council encourages government to utilise lands where planning permission has been granted but no works have taken place to erect modular or prefabricated housing for the accommodation needs of refugees fleeing wars and Irish people requiring affordable accommodation.

*That Mayo County Council requests the Irish Government to immediately cease leasing any property that is intended to be used in the future as tourist accommodation for the accommodation needs of refugees, asylum seekers or people seeking temporary protection.

* Any contracts issued where residency has not been taken up to date that the contracts are paused until the strategy is agreed.

That all co-operation ceases immediately, between the staff of Mayo County Council and the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth of Ireland, until such time as an agreed strategy is put in place to properly co-ordinate the provision of additional services for the communities hosting refugees and international protection applicants. Services to include medical, policing, accommodation, housing, education, transport training etc and that delivery dates are set down for the roll out of these services”
Credit to : The Irish Inquiry

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