Insulting Our Intelligence – The Governments Yes Campaign | The Millennial Cynic #Ireland

Insulting Our Intelligence

Today I take a look at the ramifications of the tone deaf Yes/Yes Campaign that was ran by not only our Government, but also opposition parties, with the NGO’s all rowing in behind too. I look at how the campaign was conducted, and how insulting it was to the electorate as a result of all the lies, bribes and cowardice on show. Roderic O’Gorman lead the charge yet avoided debate, Catherine Martin doubled down on lies, and Leo Varadkar said the quiet part loud and made his own interpretation of Electoral Law. Questions must be asked about the funding the NGO’s receive with regards to the McKenna Principles, especially the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) who launched an ambitious campaign.

The electorate saw through the vagueness and the lies, but will the government listen? Let’s explore this embarrassing defeat for a government desperately in search of a rare win!

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Credit to : The Millennial Cynic

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