Iowa Caucus: The Race to the White House begins as Donald Trump bids for Republican Nomination

Iowa Caucus: The race to the White House begins as Donald Trump bids for Republican nomination

What is the story with the Presidential primaries in America?

Simon Tierney has the details.

As the race to the White House beings, US President Joe Biden has said Donald Trump is “willing to sacrifice democracy” as the Supreme Court confirms it will rule whether Mr Trump is eligible to run.

The Supreme Court decided it would consider Mr Trump’s appeal to it after the state of Colorado disqualified him from appearing on the State’s primary ballot over his role in the 2021 Capitol riots.

Mr Trump is also appealing a ruling in Maine that disqualified him from ballots there.

The Trump campaign said it “welcomes a fair hearing at the Supreme Court to argue against the bad-faith, election-interfering, voter-suppressing” ruling.

“President Trump is dominating the polls, and the Biden presidency has failed all Americans,” it said.

At his first campaign stop in Iowa, where the first Republican presidential primaries will take place, Mr Trump took aim at President Biden.

“Biden’s record is an unbroken streak of weakness, incompetence, corruption and failure,” he said.

“Other than he’s doing quite well.”

Speaking in Pennsylvania on, Mr Biden said the 2024 presidential election will not just choose a president but determine the course of democracy in the US.

“Whether democracy is still America’s sacred cause is the most important question of our time,” he said.

“Donald Trump is about him, not America, not you.

“He’s willing to sacrifice our democracy.”

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