Ireland Joins EU Military Initiative: Dáil Approves

Ireland Joins EU Military Initiative: Dáil Approves

The Irish parliament, the Dáil, has approved a plan for Ireland to join an EU military initiative aimed at defending critical seabed infrastructure against sabotage, terrorism, and espionage. This project is part of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) framework, where EU member states work together to enhance their military capabilities.

The initiative, led by Italy, seeks to bolster surveillance, reconnaissance, and information-sharing among participating countries to respond to threats at sea. This move comes after Ireland’s recent national risk assessment identified damage to undersea infrastructure as a major risk.

By joining this EU military project, Ireland aims to improve its preparedness against such threats by collaborating with other member states. The Dáil vote saw 74 deputies supporting the motion and 58 voting against it, indicating significant but not unanimous support.

In addition, the Dáil also approved Ireland’s participation in cyber defense exercises led by the European Defence Agency, further enhancing the country’s security capabilities in the digital domain.
These initiatives align Ireland with broader EU efforts to strengthen collective security in the face of evolving threats to critical infrastructure, both underwater and in cyberspace.
Credit to : Irish News Pulse

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