Ireland’s Hate Speech Bill | Laoise de Brún BL at Ireland Uncensored

Impacts of Hate Crime laws on ordinary People

Laoise de Brún BL, founder & CEO of The Countess, gave a speech at “Ireland Uncensored” that was a powerful, passionate and surgical dismantling of the excuse of “the EU made us do it” culminating in a rapid fire account of catastrophic case law: the real life devastating impacts of hate crime laws on ordinary people. Laoise’s speech received a sustained standing ovation.
Free Speech Ireland co-hosted this sell-out event with Gript with FSI doing MC for the first half and John McGuirk after the interval. His speech on how respectability was what made families hand over their daughters and now the political class smear dissent as disgraceful was superb.
He introduced The Countess CEO as “the bravest woman I know”.

Ireland Uncensored attracted an audience of 1000 who filled the concert hall arena of the RDS, as well as an unprecedented 10,000 live viewers who watched on the livestream.

The keynote panel was hosted by award winning radio broadcaster Niall Boylan and Gript’s own Ben Scallan and headliner Michael Shellenberger the man behind the Twitter files and global icon of free speech.
Credit to : The Countess Conversations

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