Irish Programmer in City Wagner’s Coup was Staged | Why leave Ireland?

Irish programmer in city Wagner’s сoup was staged | Why leave Ireland?

🇮🇪🍀Meet Brian Matthews, Conor McGregor’s fellow countryman, a computer programmer 🖥️ and a big fan of drums and boxing, who has been residing in Russia for 7 years now! 🇷🇺

🧑🏻‍💻Brian was born in a fishing village on the West coast of Ireland in a big family and made his way up by working for IBM, Microsoft, Lotus Software, Fidelity Investments, Lehman Brothers in various countries like the UK, the U.S., France and Japan.

🇷🇺 Now he’s living and working in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, the city where the famous PMC Wagner’s coup attempt took place 😱 Brian reads different resources and does his own analysis on a daily basis on issues relating to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and has seemingly made up his mind on the topic. His Russian wife Elena and 18-year-old son Yaromir Frank Brianovich Popov-Matthews support his stance, and they regularly discuss related latest news.

BTW, Brian also launched CoderDojo project branch in Rostov, it’s FREE coding club for children there!

🤔🍺🍀 What is it like to leave the country of Guinness and shamrock, opting for Russia instead? Why did the family decide to move from Brian’s native country without any consideration of going back? Where are they planning to move to next?

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00:00 – Meet Brian Matthews
00:26 – Life as an Irishman in Russia
00:38 – Brian’s family story
01:00 – Working for IBM & Microsoft
01:37 – How I met my Russian wife in Japan
02:54 – Ireland vs Russia
04:19 – Relocating to Tunisia
05:00 – Finally moving to Russia
05:31 – Wagner’s coup in Rostov
06:32 – Yaromir Frank Brianovich Popov-Matthews
07:27 – Stance on the Russian-Ukraine conflict
09:27 – Sports & boxing
10:01 – Brian’s free coding club for children
12:01 – Drums
13:06 – And sanctions?
13:38 – Why we won’t return to Ireland?
Credit to : Russian Code

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