Israeli Ambassador: Recognising Palestine a ‘Prize for Terrorism’

Israeli Ambassador: Recognising Palestine a ‘prize for Terrorism’

The Israeli Ambassador to Ireland has said the decision to recognise Palestine as a State is akin to a “prize for terrorism”.

Government leaders announced this morning that Ireland would acknowledge an independent Palestinian State on May 28th.

Israeli Ambassador to Ireland Dana Erlich said the Irish Government cannot “impose a peace process” or other political announcements on another State.

“How does this help the people of Gaza?” she asked The Pat Kenny Show.

“Today waking up to this news, how does this help them under the Hamas regime, a brutal, cynical regime?

“Half an hour after the announcement, Hamas welcomed and celebrated the statement, calling it a direct result of the ‘brave resistance’ on October 7th.

“The fact that Hamas is welcoming this step, that Iran is welcoming this step is a clear sign that this is seen as a prize for terrorism.”

Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Israel Katz recalled Ms Erlich earlier today for “consultations”.

She explained she will return to Israel to discuss “possible steps and the future of our relations” with Ireland.

“When I came to Ireland eight or nine months ago, I was very optimistic about the different collaborations that we can broaden,” she said.

“I’m still optimistic that we can do it, but we need to address right now a worrying trend of anti-Israeli initiatives that we see here in Ireland and the rise of antisemitism.”

Ms Erlich noted antisemitism is not simply criticising Israel as the Irish Government has done in the past.

“What we see as antisemitism is the vilification of Israeli people and Jewish communities – we see it at protests in universities, we see it in denying the national identity of the Jewish people.

“If we talk about national identity and self-determination in the same way that right now is being recognised for Palestinians, we would assume Israelis and Zionism would be recognised in the same way.”

Ms Erlich noted this recognition will not increase the chances of the return of the 128 Israeli hostages in Gaza.

Spain and Norway also announced plans to recognise Palestine today, with both ambassadors also recalled to Israel.


Credit to : Newstalk

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