LAWN SCARIFICATION RESULTS! 2 Months after scarifying my Lawn + Patches

LAWN SCARIFICATION RESULTS! 2 months after scarifying my lawn + patches

Its exactly 2 months after scarifying my lawn and here are the results. I found that scarifying the lawn was indeed worthwhile. I used the Hyundai 1800w Electric Lawn Scarifier! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner like myself, you’ll find this results video not only informative. I loved my first time scarifying lawn with the electric lawn scarifier.

Model: Hyundai 1800w Electric Lawn Scarifier / Aerator / Lawn Rake
Power: 230v for robust performance
Working Width: Spacious 380mm for efficient coverage
Adjustable Heights: 5 settings to cater to your lawn’s needs
Grass Box Capacity: 45l, minimizing the need for constant emptying
Cable Length: A generous 10m, offering great flexibility
Warranty: Peace of mind with a 3-Year Scarifier Warranty

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If you end up with a patchy lawn after using weedkiller then this video will show you how to fix your patchy lawn.
Credit to : Ronan’s Videos

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