Luke O’Neill on Antigen Tests: ‘The HSE should have Organised it better… Lidl has filled the Gap’

Antigen Tests being sold in Lidl

Professor Luke O’Neill says it is important people don’t think antigen tests being sold in Lidl are ‘bulletproof’.
However, the Trinity College immunologist believes it’s a good thing the supermarket is selling the kits – suggesting the HSE and Government should have organised the rollout of rapid testing more effectively.
Lidl announced they were selling the tests last week, and are already reported to have sold thousands of five-test boxes.
However, the move has drawn sharp criticism from NPHET – with Dr Tony Holohan saying the tests could “falsely reassure people” if not used properly.
Professor Philip Nolan, another member of NPHET, took to Twitter over the weekend to criticise the supermarket chain’s tests.
Lidl is urging shoppers to continue to “stringently follow the public health advice”, and hopes that the tests add “an extra level of reassurance”.
Professor O’Neill told The Pat Kenny Show he does understand the concerns of public health officials.
He said: “It’s a tricky one. What you don’t want is people buying them and thinking they’re bulletproof.
“[Tony Holohan] said if there was a wedding you might miss half of them. But still: you’ve caught half of them, haven’t you? You’ve decreased the risk at that wedding by 50%… that has to be a good thing.
“50% effective is not bad… and you tell them to take a PCR test if you’re positive. Lidl kind of stole a march on the Government, in a sense.”
He believes health officials should have been more effective in rolling out widespread antigen testing.
He said: “Let Lidl sell their kits – it’s great. The HSE should have issued guidelines and organised this better, in my view. Lidl has filled that gap.”
“That kit’s been validated by the EU…it’s got all the correct labelling. Let’s see what happens next.”
Credit to : News Talk