Magnificent Ireland 70 Years Ago

Magnificent Ireland 70 years ago

A 16mm film of a visit to Ireland. Great landscapes, Carna, Galway and Clifden are called on in the great old car (make?)
A reviewer report that Newport Mayo is at the start of the clip the Black Oak river he is fishing in. Paul C, wrote: The footage starting at around 55 seconds is of Achill Island, Co Mayo. The shot of the 2 women walking over a bridge is taken just on the island from Achill Sound looking back over the bridge along the road towards Tonragee. The steep roofed building on the left is now the site of the Railway Hostel and adjacent to the building on the right is now the excellent Alice’s bar. (At 48 seconds the mountain in the background looks an awful lot like Slievemore to me but it’s hard to say..? (Michael:) Incidentally I met lady Mayo in Hong Kong in 1955.
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Credit to : MichaelRogge

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