Mary Black Opens up about Dealing with “Frightening” Hearing Loss as a Musician 

Mary Black to Chat about her Hearing Issues

Muireann and Alan are joined by the iconic Mary Black to chat about her hearing issues.

Mary was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which she describes as “shingles in the ears.”

Alan asks her if she was worried about how this would affect her as a musician.

“It is very frightening when you’re hearing goes.”

“People have to embrace the fact that if they have hearing loss that there are ways around it.”

“I have hearing aids in now and you wouldn’t even notice them!”

“People need to go and keep an eye on their hearing health because it was so important to every aspect of your life.”

00:00 | Ramsay Hunt Syndrome
00:48 | Hearing Aids
02:20 | Protect Your Hearing Heath

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