Meet Your Irish Ancestors | A Beginners Guide to Researching Your Irish Roots

Meet Your Irish Ancestors | A Beginners Guide to Researching Your Irish Roots

Uncover your Irish roots with our beginner’s guide to genealogy! Dive into essential resources and strategies for tracing your Irish ancestry. From vital records to census data and beyond, we’ve got you covered.

Discover the rich history of Irish family names, explore the particular challenges of Irish genealogy research, and learn practical steps for building your Irish family tree.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned researcher, embark on this journey with tips, tools, and insights to connect with your Irish heritage.

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Irish Genealogy Websites and Databases

Several websites and databases can assist you in your genealogical research. Some of the most popular include: This website provides free access to various Irish genealogy records, including civil registration records and census records. This website has the most extensive collection of Irish church records available online, with over 20 million records. This website provides access to various Irish records, including vital records, census records, and Griffith’s Valuation. This website has an extensive collection of Irish records, including census records, passenger lists, and probate records.
Irish Newspaper Archive: This websites provides access to Irish newspaper records.
The Irish National Archives: Guide to records deposited with the archives.
“Irish Clans, People, and Genealogy Books” section of the Brehon Academy members library contains over 20 resource books to encourage your research.

Irish Genealogical Societies
Joining an Irish genealogical society can provide you with access to resources and a community of fellow researchers.

Some of the most prominent societies include:

Irish Genealogical Research Society: This society has members from all over the world. They provide various resources for genealogical research, including a library and a quarterly journal. (
Irish Family History Society: This society is based in Dublin and provides a range of resources and events for family historians, including a quarterly journal, online forums, and an annual genealogy conference. (
The Irish Ancestry Research Centre: This society is based in County Limerick and specializes in research for people with Irish roots. They offer a range of services, including research packages, consultations, and access to genealogical databases. (
Other societies include the North of Ireland Family History Society, the Ulster Historical Foundation, and the Cork Genealogical Society. Consider joining a society that specializes in the area where your ancestors lived or has resources that are relevant to your research.
Credit to : Brehon Academy

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