Michael Fry Sits Down With Rory Hearne to Investigate ‘Generation Locked Out’ | Help Me Buy A Home

Generation Stuck

Michael Fry investigates ‘Generation Stuck’ with Maynooth University Assistant Professor, Rory Hearne.

Rory Hearne tells him that Ireland needs “to change the whole housing system on its head.”

“We’re still not realising as a country what the hell is going on in terms of the amount of people who are affected in so many different ways by what is a housing crisis but it’s a social catastrophe.”

“Ultimately I do think it comes back to the government saying ‘Right, we need to guarantee a supply of housing’.”

Rory is hopeful that Michael’s generation “will not accept this.”

00:00 | How Bad Is It?
00:52 | Psychological Effects
01:58 | Generation ‘Locked Out’
Credit to : Virgin Media Television

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