No Ambition for Antigen Testing in Ireland

Lack the Ambition to introduce Antigen Testing

“They wouldn’t know ambition and positivity if it sat on them.”
Kieran Cuddihy believes we lack the ambition to introduce antigen testing.
Earlier today, Dr Tony Holohan warned against the use of rapid antigen testing as a โ€˜green lightโ€™ for activities during the pandemic.
He said thereโ€™s not enough evidence yet to support the widespread use of antigen testing to facilitate international travel.
He said NPHET would be fully open to the use of the rapid tests in any setting, as long as there is ‘validated’ research and studies on the benefits of their use.
However, he argued that they can’t simply “start rolling out tests on the basis of people think it’s a good idea, without good quality scientific evidence.”
Credit to : Newstalk