Norman Impact on Everyday Life in Ireland


Charts Gaelic life at the time of the Norman invasion as well as the invasion itself. By 1177, the Anglo-French ruled Leinster and Meath. The Lordship of Leinster was ruled by the King ever since Strongbow had died the previous year. The Liberty of Meath was ruled by Hugh de Lacy. The Carrickfergus Castle [11kB]expansion of the colony took off that same year when John de Courcy invaded and took over Ulaid (modern day Antrim and Down). The region became known as “Ulster”, probably derived from the word “Ulaid” with the “-ster” appended to make it sound like the more prominent areas of Munster and Leinster. De Courcy founded the town of Carrickfergus the next year and began work on an elaborate castle there
Credit to : P Mulholland

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