Patton the Movie | Based on a True Story

Patton the Movie

Itโ€™s finally time to review Patton! I have a lot to say about it, as you can tell by the time stamp. Way back when I started the Based on a True Story series, the second episode was a bit about what I considered to be the best ones – and this movie was at the top. I love this film, but for more reasons than most of you could know – so this is going to be a deep dive into the film and itโ€™s subject matter. Itโ€™s ambiguous, narrowed in subject, and just a perfect examination of the man. As the New Yorker said during the movieโ€™s release, โ€œ[Patton] appears to be deliberately planned as a Rorschach test.โ€
Credit to : The Cynical Historian

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