Perch Fishing on Lough Derg, Ireland Predator Team Qualifiers

Predator Team qualifiers

The Predator Team qualifiers are a series of fishing competitions that Pre-Covid took place each year to select the top 3 teams to represent Ireland at the upcoming World championships in the USA in 2023.

I have qualified twice before for the boat Team and was looking forward to getting back to it, one of the venues lough Derg is a real thorn in my side as myself and David Dennis my boat partner have never performed well here.

Unfortunately this was the case again, we really struggled to find feeding fish. it’s a tough venue and knowing plenty of spots is key, this was our downfall as the few that we had which produced in the evenings and mornings completely died during the day.

Only real positive was that I got to really test out the new boat and equipment which is a dream!

There is still two full weekends of qualifying to go so fingers crossed we can get some well needed points in the next one!
Credit to : Cast North Angling

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