‘Rape, Robberies & Murder: Swedish Police lack resources to Combat Migrant Crime Wave’

Migrant Crime Wave

When the great migrant wave came to Sweden, the police did not have the resources to handle not only traditional Swedish problems but also the problems that came with the new kinds of criminals, says Swedish Democrats party member Nima Gholam Ali Pour. Swedish police say they “cannot cope” with the growing number of rape cases in the country. That is what one journalist was told who wanted to know why a man suspected of raping a 12-year-old girl two months ago has not yet been questioned.


“It is not right that the police think that they don’t have time to investigate rape crimes. They need to review their priorities,” the country’s Minister of Justice and Home Affairs Morgan Johansson said.


A member of the nationalist Swedish Democrats party Nima Gholam Ali Pour says the police lack the resources to combat the scourge of crime now sweeping parts of the country.


Credit to : RT


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