Should Ireland Extend it’s Pubs and Clubs Hours?

Throwing the health service under the Bus

Proposed changes to licencing laws would be like throwing the health service under the bus.

That’s according to Newstalk Breakfast host Ciara Kelly, who was speaking as the Oireachtas Justice Committee continues to scrutinise the Sale of Alcohol Bill.

The changes could see clubs staying open until 6am, while pubs would also see their closing times extended to 12:30am seven days a week.

Industry insiders have said the change would be a big boost to Ireland’s night time economy, and it would also see fewer people on the streets at the same time.

Ciara said Ireland’s relationship with alcohol is different to other countries.

“I worked in James’s Emergency [Department] in Dublin and it is a job like no other,” she said.

“You become desensitized to the level of violence, and you become desensitized to the level of drugs and drink that presents to those departments.

“I’m not sure this is a brilliant idea, to be honest.”
Credit to : Newstalk

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