Should Ireland Join a European Defence Force?

Discuss Irish Neutrality

Claire Brock is joined by People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett, Fine Gael TD Frances Fitzgerald and Political Correspondent Aoife Moore to discuss Irish neutrality, the Russian sanctions and the potential of an EU defence force.
Richard Boyd Barrett TD does not support the idea of Ireland joining a European defence force. He also does not support the sanctions against Russia.
He asks where the support for Ukraine was for Yemen when Saudi Arabia were bombing their country.
Frances Fitzgerald TD counters this, stating that her eastern European colleagues believe the Russian sanctions are absolutely necessary.
She critiques Richard for not applauding when Ukrainian President Zelenskyy addressed the nation.
She believes that one has ” to deal with it [Putin] economically and militarily, and you have to try and protect Ukraine.”
Aoife Moore does not see a want from the Irish people to step away from neutrality and join a European defence force.
Richard wants to enshrine Irish neutrality into the Irish constitution and has put that forward in the Dáil.
Credit to : Virgin Media Television

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