Should the Government Pursue Progressive changes, or do they need a return to the Basics? 

Should the Government pursue progressive changes?

The referendum defeats were part of an “anti-woke pushback” across Ireland, Ciara Kelly has said.

Last week, the Government’s proposals to change the Constitution on the definition of family and care were overwhelmingly rejected by voters.

In the aftermath, Fianna Fáil TD Willie O’Dea tweeted his party “needs to get back to basics and abandon the Hate Speech Bill etc.”

He also said the Government should focus on “housing, health and law and order and stop playing to the woke gallery”, adding they should ignore “the out of touch Greens and NGOs”.

On Newstalk Breakfast today, Ciara Kelly told listeners she thought the referendum sent the Government a very clear message.

“I think there was something of an anti-woke pushback,” she said.

“I don’t think people liked the gender-neutral language; I think people like the word ‘woman’, I think people like the word ‘mother’.

“I don’t think they wanted it changed into something that was diluted.”

Ciara said she agreed that people were “confused and worried” about the legal ramifications of the text – but still thinks people seem less interested in social change than was the case before.

“Is it the case that at one point, up until relatively recently, once you said something was liberal or progressive, people did say, ‘Where can I sign?’

“Now, I think people are going, ‘No, I actually want to think about what this means and what I feel about it.’

“People are thinking about things differently.”

Fellow presenter Shane Coleman said he too believed Deputy O’Dea had a “point” but disagreed with him on the issue of the Hate Speech Bill.

“I think it’s not about abandoning the hate speech legislation because I do think that legislation needs to be updated,” he said.

“Certainly, I think the focus on it is misplaced.

“There’s loads of reasons why the referendum was defeated.

“I think the main thing would be people didn’t actually understand what they’ll be voting for and said, ‘If you don’t understand, vote no.’

Shane added the Government should turn its attention back to more pressing problems than the Constitution.

“I think politicians need to listen to what people have said and maybe stop running down blind alleyways,” he said.

“There’s a desire in Government to be seen to be ‘right-on’, to be progressive and so on and I think the Government needs to be really careful about.

“The issues that matter to people, as Willie O’Dea said, are housing [and] law and order – the bread and butter issues.”

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said the Government will “reflect” on the campaign and what else it could have done to “persuade” voters.

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